Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Barack Obama

So.... I'd like to say that I'm a great American citizen and that I spent the day glued to my TV watching the inauguration. But..... I didn't, so I can't.

I did keep up with it here and there - but I was busy chasing behind Baby Crazy who has recently discovered that she can run. (I remember when I wished that she'd start walking - now I just want her to sit down!!!)

But - I will say that I feel like so much is going to change - and fast. Today the air felt fresh and new (maybe it's just me and I'm crazy, or maybe it was just cold). I'm excited for a new age. I'm excited that I am alive when some thing so historic that is NOT tragedy happened.

Anyway - Here's to you President Barack Obama and hoping your first four years in office that you accomplish great things!

Btw - isn't his family adorable??

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